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RBC Heritage — DraftKings Fantasy Picks

From a loaded field at the Masters to a normal field where value counts and picking lesser known names are key. Will the rookies who started playing fantasy golf last week because of the Masters continue? We can only hope since we’ll be taking more of their money!

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Jack’s Picks

With a Masters success, finishing 5307/125950 (~4.2%) in the Million dollar DK GPP, I’m feeling better after my loss at the Shell Houston Open. This week’s salaries are back to normal, which looks abnormal considering the prices last week. Salaries are no longer depressed due to a weaker field, and that means we need to search a little harder for value. Don’t fear though, that’s a good thing since we’re better at finding that value than a random person inspired by the Masters to start playing DK fantasy golf. They look for names they recognize. We look for up and coming talent.

This week especially, I feel like there are a couple of different ways to make your lineup. 1) Super low salaried players coupled with high salaried players. 2) Bunch of mid salaried players. Note that I say “this week especially” since there seems to be a little more of a spread than in the previous tournaments. Me being the 50/50 player and not really wanting to commit a lot of money to one player (yes, even Spieth), I’m going the mid salary route.

Brendon de Jonge ($7,900) — Still going to be a must pick. Salary has jumped a ton since Shell where I think he was listed at $6,300 or something, but still a solid pick in this price range.

Russell Henley ($9,100) — Hasn’t missed a cut, and all we’re waiting on is for him to breakthrough again and win. Easily could happen this week.

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