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2016 Not So Bold Predictions

Welcome to the 2016 version of the PGA Tour!

Regardless the sport, many news outlets will have a writer post a list of “bold predictions” for the upcoming season. Here’s the process: 1) get some outlandish predictions on paper. 2) Incite argument, get page views (which turns out to be great alternative lyrics to the song Get Money, nsfw language). 3) At the end of the season, after none of the predictions turn out to be correct, the author can just say that the boldness means they weren’t likely to happen anyway!

Well I think those articles are way overdone, so this year, the GOTM preview article for the 2016 season will consist of Not So Bold Predictions. Predictions that will very likely be the case, along with some generalizations that are pretty much guaranteed to happen. The goal here being say things that nobody can argue with! Enjoy!

Rory, Spieth, Day will win at least 1 of the 4 majors

They’ve accounted for 5 of the last 8. I’d say that’s good odds one of them will win at least one of the majors. If I was bold, I’d say they’d win at least 3 of the 4. But I’m not so bold.

Media will refer to a group of the X top players as “the big X”

Quite possibly, but not limited to a “Big 3” consisting of guys above.

Tiger will get headlines

Everyone loves reading about a good comeback story! And if you’re one of those terrible cynics who loves when the top guy falls so hard, you’ll probably be able to read about that too. Either way everyone is happy. Except Tiger in the second case.

People won’t be complaining about the US Open

Unlike last year where interviews were littered with complaints from player ranging from the benign “the ground might be a little too dried out” to Billy Horschel’s wavy arm and fake putter slam.

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RBC Canadian Open — Too many Canadian jokes to choose from

Time for another national open, this time in America’s hat — Canada! It’s the RBC Canadian Open! I prematurely apologize for the Canadian jokes. Y’all are really nice people.

About the Sponsor

Heyo, The Royal Bank of Canada is actually sponsoring a PGA Tour event in Canada, unlike earlier in the year when they sponsored the Heritage in South Carolina. Unlike last time, I don’t need to wonder why RBC sponsors this tournament since it’s in Canada. Instead, I’m going look up a little of the history of the RBC logo.

Current, very stately logo

Current, very stately logo

First off, that lion has a name. Leo. Nobody said Canadians have creativity. Instead of talking about some sort of history, here are a few of the best Leos I’ve uncovered from googling.

Super creepy tiny Leo. Tons of drugs involved.

Super creepy tiny Leo. Tons of drugs involved.

Leo was the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz! Something something Canadians are cowards.

Leo was the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz! Something something Canadians are cowards.

Hockey Leo happy even though Canadian teams haven't won a world cup in a while.

Hockey Leo happy even though Canadian teams haven’t won a world cup in a while.


Apprendre l’argent avec Leo.

About the Tournament

Poor Canadians. While we have the US Open, and the Brits have “the Open” (or whatever name you want to call it), the Canadians have to have a title sponsor for their open. Also, it’s not really that open since it’s just a normal event on the PGA Tour.

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