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2016 Sony Open in Hawaii — Did you hear the tournament is in Hawaii?

Fresh off another dominant Spieth performance, we move over an island, and to Waialae Country Club.

We’re also trying out a new style for the tournament previews here at GOTM. Where last year had snippets about the sponsor, what happened last year, and the course, this year will feature one section: Why you should care.

I’ll be honest, the PGA Tour season is a slog, and it can be tough, even as a big fan, to care every week. So that’s what I’m going to do each week for you readers — give you list of reasons to care every week. Leggo.

Adam Scott putting with a short putter

Former world number one golfer Adam Scott hasn’t exactly been keeping his form over the last year or so. And this year is going to even tougher on the Aussie with the ban on long putters.

His play and the putter rule change also allowed Scott to drop all the way past the 14th spot in our recent year long fantasy draft, so I snagged him with my 15th pick. Talk about value drafting. #moneygolfball

Honestly more weird to see him with an Odyssey putter than just a short Scotty.

Honestly more weird to see him with an Odyssey putter than just a short Scotty.

Prime time Golf!

Not necessarily what to watch for, but when to watch for, and I’m talking Prime Time! Nothing beats being able to get home after work and have live golf on the docket. On the Thursday and Friday telecasts, expect to see the top players coming down the stretch at a tough 17th hole (see below for more information). When the weekend rolls around, look for the Tour to schedule the golf to finish around the NFL playoff schedule. Gotta say I was really impressed on last Sunday how right after the Pack crushed the Redskins, the final round of the Hyundai was just heating up. Expect this week to be no different with scheduling around the NFL divisional games.

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