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GOTM Practice Series #2 — Make Five Chips

This is the second entry in the GOTM Practice Series. The goal of all the entries in this series is to not only to describe practice drills, but also make sure you know how to practice with the right mental attitude, something just as important as the physical act.

Make Five Chips


This is probably going to be the easiest drill to explain. By chipping 4 balls in the same group, and not hitting the same chip twice in a row, you need to make 5 chips before you leave.

Now as for which 5 shots to make, that’s up to you. Considering how some chipping greens are built (with giant slopes, etc.), making 5 long chip shots isn’t the easiest. The way I approach it is by moving all around the greens hitting different at the beginning. If I find the specific green difficult, or I haven’t made any in a while, I’ll move to the simple, uphill shots from the fringe. There’s no harm in counting those little shots as makes, since you’re concentrating on making the shot just the same, but try not to start your chipping session with those.

What to Focus On

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