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The Barclays — … The Barclays What?

The Barclays sets itself apart from most other tournaments by deciding to not use an identifier or other words in the tournament title besides the name of the sponsor. So I guess it’s neither an Open, nor a Championship, so probably just a Tournament. Actually, I’ll go with invitational since you have to qualify. So this week, it’s The Barclays Invitational. I asked Barclays officials about what kind of event this really is and they declined to comment.

About the Sponsor

I’ve sat here for a while now trying to think of what to say about Barclays. I figured I needed to mention that you have to say “Barclays” with a English accent, cause 1) it sounds better, and 2) that’s a good enough reason on its own. But that’s about the only interesting thing about it. In reality, all you really need to know about Barclays is that it’s a British bank that does bank like things all around the world.

Barclays -- Impressively Boring

Barclays — Impressively Boring

About the Tournament

Beginning in 1967 (and first won by Jack Nicklaus), The Barclays had a rich history of being played on the same course until 2008. The tournament was pretty much synonymous with Westchester Country Club, even donning the name “Westchester Classic” for the first 9 years of existence.

But money changes things, and in 2007 when the FedEx Cup began, the tournament was moved from June to August, and also started moving around host courses (and hasn’t returned to Westchester either). Currently, the tournament seems to be on a 5 course hosting rotation, with Plainfield being a part of it.

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The Barclays — DraftKings Fantasy Picks

Start of the playoffs, and we’re dealing with field sizes that are shrinking. Only 125 players this week, and the number is going to get smaller. Knowing exactly who is primed to play well is important, and we got the info here.


Jack’s Picks

Strong events are my favorite, as is the case here with the best players on the PGA Tour basically being forced to play. And since you’re going to have to have complete lineups anyway, DK prices good guys seemingly low. Going the the midrange price guys this week.

Paul Casey ($8,700) — On a fantastic stretch of golf all the way back since June. No missed cuts, and only missing a win in that time period. Coming off a T2 at Sedgefield as well.

Jim Furyk ($8,800) — Model of consistency, and seems to dominate these old school type courses.

Russell Henley ($7,500) — 4 straight finishes in the top 20, Henley’s the kind of guy who shouldn’t be at 7.5k, but because of the strength of the field he can be.

Brooks Koepka ($9,700) — Arguably the hottest guy in golf right now (not talking about looks). Three straight in the top 10, 7 in the top 20. It’s absurd how good he’s playing. At under 10k, everyone’s going to pick him, and you need to as well.

Danny Lee ($7,700) — I’m not really a fan of ignoring tournaments when thinking of picking a player. Seems like a cop out and not taking in all the information needed. But in this case, I’m going to ignore the US and British Opens as outliers and say he hasn’t missed a cut since the end of June! Oh, and he has a girlfriend now! Granted, my dad always said that girlfriends = bogeys so who knows.

Billy Horschel ($7,500) — Last player, and I’m going with someone who likes to step up in the big time. Hasn’t really played particularly well recently, but hasn’t missed cuts either. The defending FedEx Cup champ wants to show he can get back to the top.