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Mailbag #2 — A Rivalry That Isn’t

It’s been a while since the first mailbag, but figured it was time to answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting in the meantime.

Thoughts on the Rory McIlroy vs. Jordan Spieth rivalry that everyone’s talking about?

Scooter, Colorado Springs

Well first off, there is no “rivalry”. That’s just the media trying to create headlines and to get people like us to talk about it. They haven’t really “battled” to win a golf tournament yet, and even then, it takes more than a few instances for something to be considered a rivalry.

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GOTM Mailbag #1 — Red, White, and Tiger Striped

After getting a couple messages in the ole inbox talking about things I’ve mentioned in the previews, I figured I might as well write out the answers and post them in the open. For those wondering, I’ll probably write these up every few weeks or so. Or when I have enough questions to warrant it. So anyone out there want to get their question answered, submit that form on the the mailbag tab linked at the top of the site. I was thinking that all questions should be golf related, but if you want to ask me my opinion on Israel’s latest elections (what kind of nickname is Bibi?) or Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery (still odd looking), I’ll answer those too.

I see how much you mention Tiger since you try to throw in a reference every week even though he’s on the sidelines. So do you actually think Tiger will ever win again on Tour? And what do you think he’ll need to do to get back in that kind of form?

Bob, California

First thing I’ll mention is that I hate giving advice to someone going through swing issues. Us fans really have no idea what’s causing his bad play, let alone how to fix it. On the other hand, the media loves asking these types of questions with the hope of getting a quote and an article explaining why Tiger sucks now and how he can get better.

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