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2016 Honda Classic — Honda and Classic go together like Florida and Old People

I dedicate this preview to all the Hondas that have been through my family throughout the years. Pour one out for the red and grey Hondas of the past. But the tan and blue Hondas’ pistons are all still firing. I also was going to add a picture of one of those cars, but all we could find is a picture of 16 year old me in front of the tan Honda after getting my drivers license, and a picture of 18 years old me in front of the blue Honda on my last first day of high school. And no chance I’m going to put either of those pics up on the internet.

Now for some mood music: (Ha didn’t realize that the video was so weird. Don’t watch if you’re epileptic apparently.)

And now on to the golf:


Done with the west coast swing, the PGA Tour is off to Florida and the Florida Swing? Maybe next week I’ll have come up with a better nickname for these next four events, all of which are in Florida. Seems to me like there are two parts to a named stretch. The first part where we establish our location. And the second part where we talk about what we’re doing in that location.

Second parts are easy. Swing Stretch are all appropriate. So I’m just going to focus on the first part of a nickname. Without further ado:

Sunshine Swing (like the alliteration, but way too boring)

Orange You Glad You’re In Florida Swing

It’s a Gator, not a Croc Swing

Who’s Ready for Flat Courses? Swing

Houses Along Every Single Fairway Swing

No the Greens Aren’t Two Different Colors, That’s Just Grain Swing

Additions from readers:

The Sunshine Slate

The Retirement CommuniTee Times

Luckily, we have a few weeks to whittle the list down to the best of the best. Expect a twitter poll coming.


Johnny Miller! David Feherty! Gary Koch! Not Gary McCord! All things to expect this week from the announcing crew over at NBC / Golf Channel. In all reality, I’m pretty fine with all the announcing crews in golf (yup even my boi Joe Buck). Though I would say Jim Nantz could be good to get a little more pumped at some times in final rounds. Subduedness is cool for Augusta when the crowds provide a lot of the roars, but normal events need a little more color. Get excited Jim!

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The Honda Classic — Going Going, Back Back to, Florida Florida

Goodbye West Coast Swing, and hello Florida! Get ready for some flat golf courses as the next four events will take place not in the land of fruits and nuts, but in the land of wrinkly old people. First up is the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens.

Check out the Draft Kings picks here.

About the Sponsor

Honda! The Honda Classic is only the second car company sponsored tournament of the year (would have been the third if if Nissan hadn’t given up sponsorship of last week’s Northern Trust Open in 2007). Known mostly in the US for their reliable cars, Honda didn’t start out making cars in Japan. After WWII, Soichiro Honda used his knowledge of engines that he gained during the war to start building motorbikes, with the first being released in 1949. Their first four wheeled vehicle wasn’t released until 1963. Though I wasn’t there back in the 60s, I’m going to assume the following was the conversation, probably in Japanese, that took place between the higher-ups in the company.

Exec 1: We’re pretty good at building motorbike engines right?

Exec 2: Damn straight!

Exec 1: Well we should probably put that in a car and sell it too.

Exec 2: What kind of car should we make?

Exec 1: Screw it, let’s make a truck!

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