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Deutsche Bank Championship — Who’s Number 1 in the World?

We got a Monday finish in Boston, which means that I got an extra day to write the preview this week! Taking full advantage. I was trying to figure out if there was a joke about a German bank sponsoring an event in Boston, but I couldn’t think of any. No wonder Barclays isn’t the sponsor this week. Not that the players care cause they get a bunch of money either way!

About the Sponsor

Another freaking bank sponsoring a golf tournament. Though there is something interesting about this. What’s a German bank doing sponsoring a tournament in Boston? I looked into this a little and turns out it isn’t exactly an easy question to answer, and the answer usually comes down to, “Cause they had the money and wanted to sponsor a golf tournament.” Funny sign of the times where banks have marketing departments with money to spend. Like all the banks are pretty much substitutable, so we pick the one that has a golf tournament named after it.

Here's a logo to stare at while I research.

Here’s a logo to stare at while I research.

Since there really isn’t much to say about German Bank, I’m going to make a comment about the oddness of Deutsche Bank’s intro section in wikipedia. Pretty much every intro section in the history of the world has the same class of information — that of the introductory kind. But Deutsche Bank’s starts off reasonably. The first 3 paragraphs (out of 6 total) talk about that it’s a bank located in some countries that does some banking things. Cool. Exactly what I needed to know. But after that, we get three more paragraphs about the leadership structure of the bank since 2011. And then it goes back to being semi normal and talking about revenue and money under management to close out the section. Basically what I’m trying to get at is that it’s really confusing as to what should go in the intro section to a bank, considering pretty much no one goes there looking for an overview.

Oh, and the page doesn’t mention anything about golf sponsorship. Maybe I should add some later.

About the Tournament

Remember how I said that I didn’t want to edit Deutsche Bank’s wikipedia page? Well I didn’t say anything about editing the DBC’s Wikipedia page! While researching using my favorite resource that apparently isn’t correct all the time, I noticed that it said that Deutsche Bank extended its sponsorship through 2012. Since that was three years ago, I figured I should update it. And now I can rightly say that Deutsche Bank will sponsor this event at least until next year according to, which I correctly cited.

I wrote this. Check out that citation too.

I wrote this. Check out that citation too.

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Deutsche Bank Championship — DraftKings Fantasy Picks

Fewer players in a field means that your guys are more likely to make the cut… but so are everyone else’s. You’re gonna need to go 6/6 and have some top finishes. Get ready for stacked leaderboards for sure.

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Jack’s Picks

Robert Streb ($8,000) — Played weak last weekend and finished T39, worst finish in the last 6 weeks. Still at 8k is beyond me other than he’s another rather standard white guy. Oh, and he finished T9 last year at this course. Must play.

Ryan Palmer ($7,800) — T6 last week and T16 at TPC Boston a year ago. That’s the magic combo.

Cameron Tringale ($6,500) — My one stretch. If someone can find a better guy at/below this price range, I’d be willing to switch. Made the cut here last year, and has been playing decently, making the cut last week.

Jason Bohn ($7,300) — Four top 15s in the last 5 starts. Gotta have him in the lineup.

Henrik Stenson ($10,500) — Second last week, won in 2013. Yup.

Bubba Watson ($9,800) — Playing great golf for under 10k. Sure I picked him because he was the last player who I could afford. But just look below at Mike’s description to see why you should pick him.

Mike’s Picks

Ok, weird week coming up. Not only are there only 100 players in the field, we also have a Friday start/Monday finish. This gives an extra day to agonize over picks, as well as a small field with a normal cut to worry about. With that in mind, I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way up. I want a couple lower tier picks that have been playing well recently as well as on the whole this season. From there I’ll work my way up with the remaining salary only taking guys I really think will do well here. I’ll say it here so I don’t have to say it again: I’m completely discounting how people did at the PGA. Don’t care.

Steven Bowditch ($7,000) — Awesome form coming in and this year as a whole. Was in the top 25 last week and expect him to be this week.

Kevin Na ($7,100) — See Bowditch, Steven.

Justin Thomas ($7,900) — Seems like a pretty nice value. Becoming more consistent as his rookie campaign comes to a close. He also hasn’t shot over 69 in a third round since early May, if you’re looking for someone to go low on Sunday this week.

Hideki Matsuyama ($8,800) — I don’t even know how he’s been doing recently. Not even going to look. Too good to do poorly this week. Too big to fail. Give my man a bail out. Won’t need one.

Zach Johnson ($9,300) — The dude was back on it last week after his hot June and July. Unlikely to miss the cut with his generally steady play, especially with the small field.

Bubba Watson ($9,800) — Three of his last four starts have been 3rd place or better, so, yeah, Bubba is playing some golf as it were. Somehow he’s only the 7th most expensive player? In 16 events this year he’s been in the top 3 seven times. Those are Tiger numbers.