CotW — From Michigan, to Ohio, and now onto Pennsylvania

Card of the week this week comes not from a tour event like normal, but rather from the US Open sectional qualifying from Monday. Patrick Wilkes-Krier, currently at Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti, Michigan plays holes 1-11 at -11 under, and holes 12-18 in both rounds at +6.

I wonder which holes are the hard ones.

I wonder which holes are the hard ones.

Now granted, it’s not the perfect card because W-K started his first round on the 10th hole. meaning that he didn’t start off each round hot and then iceberg in the North Pole cold at the end. The breakdown ends up beine E through the first 7 holes, -9 from holes 8-30, and then +4 holes 31-36. A 9 under stretch in the middle of a USGA qualifier is damn impressive.

Probably made him feel a little uneasy bogeying 4 in a row down the stretch when he was fighting for one of only four spots up for grabs in Springfield. All is well that ends well, and pars on the last two holes gave him a four shot cushion above the playoff that was at 1 under.

Also, shoutout to Ypsi, and to Kyle Mueller, currently at Michigan, who also also qualified in Springfield! Check out full qualifying scores here.

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