Card of the Week — Albin and his 5 2s

In probably  the easiest CotW winner so far goes to Albin Choi during the final round of the tour’s ridiculously long named BMW Charity Pro-Am Presented by SYNNEX Corporation. I swear, I’m just waiting for when tournaments start putting hashtags in their names. I’m just gonna show the scorecard and you can see for yourself why it’s such an easy pick.


Front 9

Front 9 — Holy shit a 27


Back 9

Back 9 — Didn’t know a +1 37 could be so interesting.

Besides the 27 on the front 9 which is absolutely incredible, Choi mad 5 2s in the first 11 holes. Do you realize how difficult making a single 2 is? You gotta stuff a great shot with a long iron on a par 3 and then make a putt. How the hell is he gonna make 5 in the first 11 holes. Also big shoutout for his two birdies on 14 and 15. It’s gotta be pretty demoralizing being 9 under through 11 and then suddenly 5 under through 13. Great bounce back.

With his final round 64, Choi finished in a tie for 8th place. Not the worst, but oh, what could have been.

Choi didn’t even have the low final round! He was tied by Trey Mullinax who shot a weak front 9 30 featuring 6 birdies in a row. But Trey didn’t have a triple, and he only made 2 2s, so the CotW honor easily favors Choi.

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