Card of the Week: Blayne in the Rain

In what was probably the easiest CotW selection in the history of GOTM, the card of the week for the Zurich Classic goes to Blayne Barber for this first round, rain interrupted 70!

GOTM was first notified of a potential CotW when, through 7 holes, Barber was +1 with no pars on the card.

A little while later, we were notified again that the card had actually gotten more interesting from a birdie / bogey / no par standpoint from the man himself, while presumably sitting in the clubhouse during the rain delay. Also, I admit I was a little confused how I was getting a tweet from a guy who was supposed to be in the middle of a PGA Tour round, until I saw it was in a rain delay.

And he was right! With a couple more birdies to get to red numbers before the first of the ridiculous amount of rain stoppages came, the CotW was sealed up.

Final scorecard in all it’s colored glory: 7 birdies, 6 pars, 5 bogeys, and a clean back 9. That’s how you do it.

So many colors does a CotW make.

So many colors does a CotW make.

Less volatility is good from a golf standpoint, not good from a CotW standpoint.

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