2016 Masters Final Round Live Blog

We’re back at it again, firing up the live blog for the final round of the 2016 Masters. Featuring casual commentary on the state of the tournament throughout the day.

For last years live blog, which I’m not sure why anyone would really want to look at because it’s in the past, click here.

The Masters - Preview Day 1

Update #17 — 7:00 EST

And that’s a wrap! When you make 5 birdies no bogeys, you pretty much deserve to win. Big cong to Danny Willett. Now just waiting for the awkward green jacket ceremony when Spieth has to give the Masters away… again.

Update #16 — 6:37 EST

Don’t call it a comeback when Spieth finishes birdie birdie birdie to win. Great shot on 16 there.

Update #15 — 6:29 EST

Twitter summed it up by saying that it’s really going to suck when Spieth has to slip the Green Jacket on Willett at the end of this. Talk about insult to insult. I’m still really hoping that the story form this Masters is how great of a final round Willett played, rather than Spieth making a quad and falling. But knowing the media, and how relatively unknown Willett is in the US, I’m assuming it won’t be. Here at GOTM however, we’ll be focusing on Willett.

Update #14 — 6:03 EST

What is life. So much is going on. And before people start saying Willett backed into the green jacket, he’s -5 through his 16 holes at this point. He’s earning it.

Update #13 — 5:40 EST

Amazing how quickly things change. Two bogeys and a shot in the water on 12 for Spieth. Two birdies in a row for DWillett. Much more interesting than a Spieth runaway. Definitely perked up for these last few holes here.

Not to mention DJ close here too. Time for fun.

Update #12 — 5:05 EST

Whelp there are those 4 birdies in a row I was talking about back in update #9! Damn Spieth, gonna be leading for 8 straight rounds when he wins this one.

Update #11 — 4:57 EST

You turn away for a second and poof, Spieth has a 4 shot lead and is cruising.

Update #10 — 4:37 EST

Jordan Spieth has made more than his fair share of putts this round. He’s also made more than his fair share of putts the first 3 days this week. As well as with his entire career. Spieth just makes a bunch of putts. People always say things like “Well, if Spieth couldn’t make putts he’d just be average” as if making putts is a bad thing!

Dustin Johnson is probably the guy you’d most easily pick out for being the opposite of Spieth. Great ball striker with a ton of length who struggles on the greens. And for some reason, people think this type of game is more noble, as if putting is just a necessary evil.

Let’s be honest here. Those guys are just jealous that they can’t make putts. This is actually a big topic for another time, so look for more on this in the future.

Update #9 — 4:01 EST

My boy Nantz just make a comment that I think has been on everyone’s mind – we’re still waiting for any one of those big names on the first page of the leaderboard to make a run. Spieth hasn’t yet made a move himself which is keeping all these top players still in the tournament. Surely one of them can reel off 3 or 4 birdies in a row? Throw in an eagle and they’re golden.

It’s way more fun to see players win the tournament rather than someone just hold on.

Update #8 — 3:43 EST

I feel like the opening segment of this final round is really showing off what kind of course Augusta National is — slightly funky where being in position is the absolute most important thing for a player. Spieth and HDek’s putts on number two both being giant double breakers around a bunker. Smylie on number 3 just now getting caught over the green and saving bogey with a good 4 footer. And the list will grow the rest of the day as players continue on their rounds as well. Quick greens with giant slopes make the course play difficult when rough isn’t really a factor.

Update #7 — 3:26 EST

So much for #FeelingTheBernhard with that double there. Still a good story, even though he’s probably out of contention at this point. And for those wondering why he’s still using a long putter, he doesn’t anchor it to his chest, just holding it out in front of him. Interesting way to deal with the new rule. Glad it’s working out for him and he was able to overcome the change.

Update #6 — 3:11 EST

With Shane Lowery hole in oneing the 16th, and Billy Horschel holing out for eagle as well, it’s starting to seem like a normal Masters with eagles and low scores.

For people out there complaining and wanting to see more of the carnage we had from on Friday and Saturday, y’all gotta deal. We have enough majors where par is a good score. I wanna see some birdies!

Update #5 — 2:57 EST

That previous update was premature. Quite the dead yank on that birdie putt. We’ll see how the putter plays out the rest of the day.

Update #4 — 2:56 EST

Damn Smylie’s swing looks solid. That second shot to #1 shows he means business.

For a quick update on why Smylie’s here in the first place, he won the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open back in last October by shooting a final round 61 and then waiting in the clubhouse for a solid 2 hours before finally winning. Clearly he knows how to play final rounds. Granted, it wasn’t like he was in the heat of the moment then, but that 61 shows he’s a closer. And that swing shows he’s comfortable.

Update #3 — 2:02 EST

Here’s what I’m hoping for the final round, and it’s pretty simple. The guy who wins only wins by 1 shot. I don’t really root for players at all, cause for the most part, they’re all fine people. I just don’t want what happened last year to happen again.

Spieth was so far ahead of Justin Rose, and playing so consistently that it was obvious he was going to win by the time that grouping got to the back nine. I specifically remember falling asleep at one point, and I’m not convinced it was entirely because I was hung over and tired from staying out the night before. I’d put the blame more on the boringness of the golf.

So yeah, gimme a close race to the 18th hole and I’ll be happy.

Update #2 — 1:34 EST

Thinking about the back nine at Augusta. I really feel bad for #14 and #17 (specially now that the Eisenhower Tree is toast), because everyone who’s slightly more than a casual golf fan can probably picture every hole on the back nine, other than those two. Don’t know if there’s anything especially bad about those holes, but there isn’t anything distinct unlike its sibling holes.

So when you’re watching this afternoon (can’t watch those holes on the stream cause they’re left out), make sure to remember them so they won’t feel quite as bad next year.

Update #1 — 1:08 EST

Got a heater and blanket on, cause it’s freezing here in the midwest. Kind of a joke how cold it’s been here so far. Even though coverage hasn’t started on CBS yet, the streaming on masters.com is top notch (minus a few announcing woes) which means I can currently enjoy Sergio and Bubba playing like garbage and not really caring how they play! Weather looks overcast, but low wind means we can hopefully expect some birdies, eagles, and back 9 roars that everyone wants during a final round of the Masters. We’re in for a good show.

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