Zurich Classic of New Orleans — DraftKings Picks

A weaker field than normal means that you’re going to have to find value in underrated players. Not a problem for us here at GOTM where finding value is what we do every week! Its time for Zurich, the Classic, not the city.

Check out the preview here.

Jack’s Picks

Back down to earth with a losing week last week. So I guess I’m 7/9 in the 50/50s. I’ve noticed that pretty much every other site out there just gives suggestions on who to play, but never a full lineup. I’m not like those cop out fakers, I’ll tell you who I’m playing even if I lose. Gotta be real with all 20 of the people who read this.

Same strategy as every week here. Get players to make the cut. No matter 50/50 or GPP, 6 out of 6 players make the cut means you’re making money.

Russell Knox ($7,700) — Came in clutch last week for me, though wasn’t enough to make me a winner. But still, playing solid for a while is just what I’m looking for at this price.

Martin Laird ($7,500) — Hasn’t missed a cut in 2015. Not the best course history, but I’m sticking with players who are playing well.

Scott Langley ($4,700) — Something’s off with his salary here. No way he should be under $6,000, but somehow we can snag him at 47 hundred.

John Peterson ($8,900) — Finally getting the high salary he deserves, but since he’s playing home in Louisiana, gotta go with him.

Justin Rose ($11,900) — Playing well, and has the course history. Definitely worth the price since you need a player like this when you find a Langley at $4,700.

Brendan Steele ($9,200) — 0 MCs in his last 16 starts. And two top 25s in a row. Big week coming.

Mike’s Picks

Well, a good weekend from Brendon Todd helped my team to a cash despite MCs from both Zach Johnson and Charles Howell III, who have been pretty reliable this season until last week. Oh well, that’s why we pick an entire team. Going to try and keep the ball rolling at the Zurich where there is a pretty big talent disparity between the top few players and the rest of the field. I just want to note that the team I originally picked turned out to be nearly the same players as Jack (swap Laird and Rose for Will Wilcox and Jason Day). Because of this I decided to pick a different squad and play a couple 50/50’s, one with each. Note that I do like my original team a bit better.

Rickie Fowler ($10,700) — Been pretty steady sailing for Fowler despite having some swing issues this season. The week off from the Masters probably gave him time to figure some of that out. Saved some $ with the Gonzales pick so moving up…

Justin Rose ($11,900) — Good form and good course history, just couldn’t afford him before!

Sean O’Hair ($9,000) — The new and improved O’Hair seems to have found both form and consistency. He also made the cut here the last couple years even without his best stuff.

John Peterson ($8,900) — Ol’ reliable John Peterson, his price is finally getting to a reasonable level. Still playing well enough to make him a solid pick though.

Russell Knox ($7,700) — A little baffled by Knox’s salary remaining in the seven thousands, especially given the weak field. He’s almost certainly a better pick than at least six players ahead of him, regardless of price.

Will Mackenzie ($6,700) — Not a lot of recent form, but he showed last season and the beginning of this season that he’s a solid player. I’m tempted to switch him so I’ll reserve that right. Just too risky for me.

Andres Gonzales ($5,700) — Been fairly consistent if not spectacular, but I think he’ll make the cut.

Jeff Overton ($6,600) — Pretty solid recent play and a good history in New Orleans, so I’ll happily take Overton at this price range.

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