The Masters — Final Round Live Blog

Masters Sunday means me sitting in a chair and watching golf for 6 hours. As such, I figured I might as well write down my thoughts about what’s happening on the course during the best day in golf for the year. So check back throughout the final round for updates and random thoughts as the 2015 Masters concludes!

Update #17 — 6:58 EST

That’s it. Spieth wins, celebrates with everyone, and gets to play in the Masters forever. Or until they don’t let him anymore.

Update #16 — 6:38 EST

Tiger with the casual bone replacement after it popped out on his second shot on 9. Bout as casual as you can get.

Update #15 — 6:35 EST

Rory beats Tiger by 7 while playing together. But nobody is gonna remember that. They’ll remember Spieth winning by a bunch, and Tiger actually finishing a tournament.

Update #14 — 6:06 EST

“Tough as an old Texas snake boot.” Thanks David Feherty.

Update #13 — 6:03 EST

As historic as it is to watch a 21 year old win the Masters with a chance to beat Tiger’s record, frankly, it’s boring. Watching steady, safe golf isn’t good tv. Imagine if Spieth isn’t winning by this much, and it’s Phil and Rose battling for the lead instead of for a second place that nobody is going to remember. Not that would be some good tv.

Update #12 — 5:26 EST

Alright I think we’re at the point where we’re talking about how much Spieth is going to win by, and whether or not it’ll break Tiger’s record. Some people would say that if he made a few bogeys and only won by a couple, it might taint his win because he didn’t play to win or some garbage like that. I’m of the opinion that those people are idiots. I’d totally be fine seeing Spieth choke it in to a two shot win. Not that he’s going to do that or anything since he’s playing so well. That up and down par save on 11 proves that.

Update #11 — 5:09 EST

If you’ve been watching Spieth’s shots, you’ve probably seen him back off the ball quite a few times. Just there on 10 he stopped at the top of his backswing to collect himself. The announcers have also really been noting this and how it relates to his “maturity”. Just to play devils advocate here, maybe he’s backing off so much is because he lets in more outside distraction than the other players.

Update #10 — 5:02 EST

Whelp it’s officially the back 9 at the Masters on Sunday. 5 shots and absolutely nothing has changed in terms of Spieth winning or not. It will be interesting to see if anything happens in these early holes since this is the first time water is coming into play. A couple of swimming balls and who knows? Oh wait, I do. Spieth is still going to win.

And did the announcer just say that Tiger hasn’t hit a fairway yet?

Update #9 — 4:16 EST

With not too many super low scores from the final few groups, I’m going to go ahead and say that the winner is going to come from the final group. Phil isn’t going to be able to make up 6 shots, and no matter how unlikely considering how he’s been playing, Spieth could still pull a Rory and shoot 41 on the back nine and let Rose back into it. Bold prediction, I know.

Update #8 — 3:45 EST

These greens are a little ridiculous. Watching those shots into the 2nd roll around, and just not with Dustin Johnson’s ball start moving after a delay are just some of the examples that we’re going to see all day. Remember Tiger’s chip in on 16? That’s what everyone can look forward to. More carnival type shots around the greens.

Update #7 — 3:24 EST

Perspective is an odd thing. Spieth is only 3 ahead of Rose now. I say only because after leading by 4 or 5 for pretty much the entire tournament, 3 seems a little small. But imagine him having a 3 shot lead during the final round of a major and I’m pretty sure anyone would take it. That’s the mental attitude that Spieth needs to have, and I’m pretty sure he does.

Update #6 — 2:58 EST

Big fan of the microphones on the course. Absolutely the most interesting thing is to hear the back and forth between caddie and player. Amazing how much effort goes into every single shot, and us viewers don’t usually get to hear that. And if you’re going to go play soon, remember what Spieth’s caddie said on the first fairway, “small target”.

Update #5 — 2:14 EST

Most important thing I need to know is what Spieth and Tiger were talking about on the range right there. I need some lip readers to translate. Now that I think about it, do lip readers translate? Or do they interpret? I’ll go with interpret.

Update #4 — 2:12 EST

Final group of Justin Rose and Jordan Spieth at 2:50. Justin Rose is kind of like Hoffman in that I still don’t see him as someone worthy of winning the Masters, even with his US Open win. Despite that, I think he has the best chance at catching Spieth. I’d even take him over Phil if they were at the same score.

As for Spieth, I picked him to win last Tuesday, and I’m not going to change that prediction. I don’t know if he’s going to have the best score today, or if he’s going to keep his 4 shot lead, but I expect a 69 and him to break the scoring record.

Update #3 — 2:02 EST

Second to last group — Phil and the hairless Charley Hoffman at 2:40. I feel bad for Hoffman with all the flack he’s been getting for “not being deserving” of being in the second to last group. Who knew playing well in a major could annoy people. Granted, I’m kind of in that group as well. Luckily I don’t think he’s going to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays solidly. After being first off on Thursday, he’s kept it together the past two days. Though I will be happy when I don’t have to see his head cocking after every single shot after this week.

As for Phil, his experience sure helps, but he’s going to have to birdie every hole to catch Spieth. Well fine, not every hole, but I don’t think it’s going to happen for him. Also no indication he’s going to play badly. He’s seen these Sunday pins for a couple decades now so he knows the drill. Just don’t think there are that many birdies out there for him to catch the lead.

Update #2 — 1:52 EST

Thoughts on the last three groups as they tee off. First up, Tiger and Rory at 2:30. Obviously this is gonna be one of the most watched groupings. Everyone talks about the roars on the course and it’s pretty much a guarantee to get some from this group. My guess is that one of these guys is going to be 3 or 4 under through 6 holes or something like that, which will give the announcers any reason to start talking about “what if” Tiger or Rory could post a 65 or something. Let’s be real, that isn’t going to happen. These guys aren’t going to win. I’ll take Rory to beat Tiger today. I’ve been rooting for Tiger too long and watching him collapse on the second nine too many times to think he’s going to be able to put together 18 solid holes. Rory on the other hand can do that.

Update #1 — 1:30 EST

Watching the Golf Channel Live From. They’ve finally moved on from gushing over Spieth and actually talked about the course by talking about the front nine and the hole locations. The Masters is different from the other tournaments (obviously) but also because over the years watching I’m pretty sure I know the course well enough as if I’ve actually played it.  I’ll know some of the holes for other courses on tour, I got all 18 at Augusta National in my head. Showing the course and talking about pin locations is way better than talking about Spieth for 3 hours.


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  1. Bernie

    I like your insights. Speith is making the tournament quite dull (or as dull as the Masters can be.) I am still watching. BTW, great choice of Jordan as the winner in your fantasy line up.

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