Valero Texas Open — Draft Kings Picks

Another week, another set of DK contests, and another week closer to the Masters. We’re out of Florida, and off to Texas. It’s Valero Texas Open time!

Jack’s Picks

Another successful week for me, placing 1st and 5th in my two 50/50s.

Just a note here for people looking, I’m picking lineups of players who are going to make the cut. Like the last two weeks, all 6 of my picks made the cut. Might not be the best plays for a GPP, where picking the winner is pretty important. That being said, we haven’t had a repeat winner on Tour this year. So who knows how valuable picking a top salaried guy really is? Either way, if you get 6 players making the cut, you’re going to be doing pretty well in any contest.

Brendon de Jonge ($7,000) — BDJ back in the house! After a disappointing weekend at the Valspar and a week off, BDJ is still a must pick because of his consistency

Charles Howell III ($8,000) — Another cut making machine, but also one who’s been playing better recently with a top 10 and top 25 in the last two events. These are the guys you’re looking for. Solid players who are finishing better.

Matt Kuchar ($10,300) — No need to explain this, though I will say that of the top salaried players, Kuchar seems like the absolute “will do well”. Also if you google his name, this is the picture that comes up. Quite the family man!

John Peterson ($6,500) — He’s missed one cut all season. One cut! Granted he hasn’t finished better than T20, but for $6500, and a lineup tuned for 50/50s, he’s a good pick.

Shawn Stefani ($7,400) — Mike was the one to convince me to look at him last week, and he didn’t even pick Stefani himself. Solid cut making machine. Oh yeah, also from Texas.

Jimmy Walker ($10,800) — Opposite of CH3 in that he had a strong start to the season with a playoff loss and a dominating win, but he’s still going to make the cut this week. He’s also a Texas native who played in college in Texas. Clearly knows the way around the terrain.

Mike’s Picks

I have brought shame upon this website and my family. Due to a combination of poor picks and bad luck (probably like a 98/2 ratio) I failed to place in the money in my 50/50, taking 13th or so out of 20 (hard to say exactly, my computer was in the garbage). Lessons were learned and the picks from here on out will be marginally improved. For clarification, I think these players will make the cut, and some of them may actually do well! Please do well, selected players.

Matt Kuchar ($10,300) — He is consistent and good and consistently good. According to Jack he is even quite good while drunk.

Ryan Palmer ($10,000) — A Texas guy whose DK salary is finally approaching his level of play, sadly. He’s the one with the goofy putter shaft.

Brendan Steele ($8,800) — Look at those cuts made! Love those cuts made, and a porn name to boot.

Shawn Stefani ($7,400) — I got off the wagon last week and have come to regret this greatly. To be allowed back on I had to send a letter to Mr. Stefani apologizing. His DK salary is going up and rightfully so, but still a good mid-range value.

Freddie Jacobson ($7,000) — Mainly taking Freddie because of course history. He always seems to bring it here, regardless of form. He’s also entertaining to watch.

Martin Flores ($6,300) — Having a decent year, but not great. Much like Jacobson, I really like his history at the Valero. Form or not, he seems to play well here.

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