Beating Vegas Week 6 — Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

Week 6 comes and we’re officially across the halfway point of our initial 10 week attempt at taking all the money in Vegas by betting on the pga tour. Staying in Texas this week for the Colonial.

Jack “if the price is right I will eat my own hand” S’s Picks

The first thing I did when trying to decide who to pick this week was to check and see how my method of picking people who lived in Texas did. Answer: not too well. Though I didn’t know off the bat where Brendon Todd lived. I knew he went to Georgia, and it looks like he’s from PA (according to his pga tour profile), but there’s nothing about where he currently resides. To figure this out, I went to google and searched “Brendon Todd living”. I don’t know what I was thinking with that stupid query. I mean, what did I expect google to tell me? That he didn’t die in the last 3 days? I quickly gave up trying to find that out and decided that I’m going to have to change my strategy.

And on that note, my strategy this week is to pick guys that are going to win. Should be simple.

Matt Kuchar (12/1): $20

Matt Jones (70/1): $20

Freddie Jacobson (70/1): $20

Jason Bohn (230/1): $20

Brendon De Jonge (90/1): $20

Mike “tree trunk legs” M’s Picks

Stop it Brendon Todd. My strategy this week will be picking Mike Weir ten times*, so, should turn out pretty good.

Matt Kuchar (12/1): $25

Adam Scott (12/1): $10

Jim Furyk (15/1): $10

Graham Delaet (29/1): $15

Chris Kirk (50/1): $10

Boo Weekley (60/1): $10

Matt Jones (70/1): $10

Billy Hurley III (250/1): $10

*not my strategy

Grant “wrote this on his phone” F’s Picks

Betting on golf is hard. This comes as a surprise to me. I would have expected Vegas odds to encourage bettor profitability. Sportsbooks, like most industries, should focus on customer happiness rather than financial success. But, hey, I’m not here to change the world. I’m just a guy chasing theoretical debts through increasingly desperate betting picks. As such, my picks are:

Zach Johnson (14/1): $25

Jim Furyk (15/1): $25

Jordan Spieth (15/1): $25

Marc Leishman (40/1): $25


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