Beating Vegas Week 2 — Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Week number two of GOTM’s quest to take all the money in Vegas through fake betting on the internet. Last week was a rousing success putting the crew up $105! Both Mike and Grant had Kucher winning and both put enough money on it to make up for Jack’s un-oracleness. It’ll be tough to pick a winner this week with a dismal field of no clear front runners, but since we’ve got the momentum, we’re not going to let it go.

Mike “needs to update his Packer jersey fleet” M’s Picks

Getting my picks in at the last minute here, so commentary will be kept to a minimum. Last week’s strategy of a few favorites in addition to mid and longshots seemed to work out ok, so I’ll do something similar this week.

Justin Rose: (12/1) $15

Keegan Bradley: (18/1) $15

Patrick Reed: (30/1) $15

Billy Horschel: (35/1) $15

Paul Casey: (65/1) $10

Ernie Els: (80/1) $10

Peter Hanson: (110/1) $10

Camilo Villegas: (110/1) $10

Billy Hurley III: (230/1) $10

Gotta pick Rose regardless of bad odds because he’s the best player in the field without question when he putts ok. Not saying he will, but I think there’s maybe a 20% chance he does. Keegan Bradley is due, hasn’t played too well as of late, but he is capable at any time. Patrick Reed getting those odds is silly at this point and I have no choice but to pick him. Billy Horschel is in a similar boat to Bradley, but with better odds, so why not. The rest are basically fliers, don’t have great reasons for them this week other than the fact that I liked the odds compared to the players. That is all. Apologies for tardiness.

Jack “just found out that salads can taste good” S’s Picks

Oh the shame I have brought on my family. Well I still hold to my decision to pick only past winners at the Heritage. I came close with Furyk, but that’s about all that can be said of my picks. On the bright side, I would get to pick Kucher next year if I go by the same logic!

As for this week, I’m planning on spreading out some money on picks that have longer odds. Putting $10 or something on Justin Rose doesn’t help too much in the long run, and especially when he’s sitting at 12/1. What I noticed as I was going through the other players though was that I saw a bunch of players who had no business winning a PGA Tour event. So my strategy was picking guys that I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see win an event. Without further words, I present the 10 players I picked this week in the order I picked them.

Chris Stroud (35/1): $10

Jerry Kelly (70/1): $10

Grahm Delaet (22/1): $10

Roberto Castro (140/1): $10

Seung-Yul Noh (110/1): $10

Kevin Stadler (45/1): $10

Nicolas Thompson (75/1): $10

Scott Langley (140/1): $10

Mark Wilson (180/1): $10

Thorbjorn Olesen (80/1): $10

Grant “still needs to stay in posture better when he swings” F’s Picks

Contrary to the mainstream opinion about the perils of chasing waterfalls the strategy as I laid out last week helped me to achieve a profit and, as such, I will be following the same logic as last week. Furthermore, I planned to do some deep dive studying of the field/course but finding that TLC clip let me into a TLC youtube deep dive highlighted by Left Eye providing a detailed profit analysis breaking down how you can be broke selling 10 million records.

With that said here are my picks based on the hundred theoretical dollars I have at my disposal:


Rickie Fowler (18/1): $20

Graham Delaet (22/1): $19

Justin Rose (12/1): $18

There are only three guys that I like as prohibitive favorites this week. Top dollars go to Dick Fowler because as much as TV Networks want him to start winning big tournaments and majors it’s the smaller events like Zurich that seem more primed for Dick to bust through for victory.  DeLaet is second largely to make a Puma team at the top and because I appreciate all players who have their own website. Justin Rose is the obvious third choice not only because he’s the prohibitive favorite but because he carries a metal yardstick in his bag to ensure precise putting measurements

Second Tier:

Ryan Palmer (26/1): $6

Patrick Reed (30/1): $6

Matt Every: (30/1): $6

Russel Knox (35/1): $6

Charley Hoffman (35/1): $6

All these dudes have been playing pretty well this year and seem like they could get a win any given week (even though Knox hasn’t won on tour)


George McNeill (45/1); $3

Andres Romero (110/1): $2

Sang Moon Bae (140/1): $2

Ernie Els (80/1): $2

Andrew Loupe (140/1): $2

Jonathan Byrd (90/1): $2
Just got a good feeling about these guys.

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