SHO Withdrawal List

Another week on tour, another chance to look at all the professionals who couldn’t quite live up to being professionals. Here’s your continually updated list of people who called it quits this week at the Shell Houston Open.

Dustin Johnson

Remember yesterday when I complained that Dustin Johnson was getting too much airtime on the Golf Channel for being in last place? Well I guess that was just because the GC needed to fill their DJ shot quota since they knew he was going to WD. It appears he gave no reason for this, and his twitter comes up empty for a reason as well with his last tweet being one of his fiancee.

I’m also using that as an excuse to post that picture again.

Seung-Yul Noh

As much as having my top fantasy pick for the week WD hurts, having another pick pull out hurts even more. He’s one of my current quarterly bad players who has been playing like a slightly better player for the past few weeks. I had such hope for the future. And this week, he was doing so well and then:

Pretty colors

Pretty colors

Interestingly, he waited until after a birdie and a par before calling it. Now I don’t like to judge before finding out the real reasons, but this looks like the classic case of “I don’t want to be in Houston anymore”. But I’m also prepared to eat my words if it turns out differently.

Nicolas Colsaerts

Soon after Soon You’ll Know’s withdrawal, this tall Belgian gave up before starting his round. His first round 76 put him solidly outside the cut line. Looking back on his schedule, he’s had quite the fall in the world golf rankings since 2012. I’ll chalk this one up to unconfirmed bruised ego.

Sean O’Hair

Saturday morning, after completing 10 holes, Mr. O’Hair withdrew due to a stomach virus. This one was easy to figure out since apparently @PGATOURmedia announces all of the WDs.

Running totals of WD’s

Bruised Egos: 1 (DJ)

Unconfirmed Bruised Egos: 2 (Know, Colsaerts)

Legit Reasons: 0

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