SHO Notes: Friday

Remember in the preview when I mentioned that this might not be Stricker’s week because he’s just coming back now after a layoff? Well consider those words eaten. Sitting at -7, good for T7 after two rounds, Stricker is proving once again that all the practice he needs is watching basketball. Never again will I doubt the ability of an older player to play well after time off. Younger players, like Dustin Johnson? Yeah they need time to get back into form..

At first when I saw Sergio in the lead, I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a guy who has bean through the wringer in terms of publicitypersonal life and was left with, apparently, no confidence in himself. I was all ready to say something about how this weekend could really be important to get himself back on track on the PGA Tour. Well it turns out he’s already back in form. Of the 5 tournaments he’s played on the wrap-around PGA Tour this season, the worst he’s finished is T16. Looking back, he hasn’t missed a cut on tour since the 2012 PGA Championship! That being said, he still hasn’t won since 2012 either. So now the storyline becomes, does Sergio have what it takes to win?

Steven Bowditch had a solid missed cut today after a birdieless 78. I’m guessing his response was, “See you bastards in Augusta!” I’m only guessing his response because I haven’t seen an interview, nor does he have a twitter account. What he does have is an “unofficial” twitter account with 10 tweets. 9 of them coming in the past week and one from December 2012. Solid effort on their part.

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