Arnold Palmer Invitational Card of the Week: Michael Putnam

Think he made or missed this?

Ok, normally the card of the week goes to something extremely unique. Funny cards are best cards. My goal every week is to find someone with the perfect 6-6-6 even par round (birdies, pars, bogeys). Barring that I look for huge numbers, wildly erratic play, and interesting number sequences. Anything to set the card apart from boring par-fests. That said, I just can’t go with Bubba’s Thursday round. Other than that number, it was a boring round and he wd’d right after his round. Overall, not fun.

Michael Putnam’s round on Sunday was always going to be a humdinger. Eight over after his first six, he was making Tommy Gainey look like a legitimate professional golfer. Then, after a couple pars, some switch was flipped and Putnam went -5 over his last ten holes with no bogeys. While it might be not be the most erratic card of all time, this dramatic turn-around gives one hope. You have to be playing some bad golf to start off like that, and great golf to finish like that. No idea what happened to turn it around, but I love it. Excellent card Mr. Putnam, maybe try to not hit so many golf shots prior to playing like a flu-stricken Adam Scott next time, huh?

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