Valspar Card of the Week: John Daly


Of course it’s John Daly’s 90 on Friday. You knew this was going to be about John Daly when you read the title. How does a professional golfer shoot 90? Well, I guess the simplest way to answer that is to mention that the professional golfer in question was John Daly.

I don’t think anyone is really shocked to see Daly put up that monster, though it is a bit shocking to me that he stuck around long enough to sign his card. Just a couple short years ago he was walking off the course at the Australian Open under similar circumstances. Although, in that scenario, it is possible, even likely, that Daly would have carded in the triple digits (that is 100+ for those keeping score at home).

Everything else aside, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the thing: 9 pars, 5 bogeys, 3 double bogeys, and one octobogey. It’s easy to look at that 12 (recorded on the par 4 16th) and say,”Well there’s your problem,” but that didn’t even get Daly halfway to the 19 strokes over par that he finished at. The other huge issue was the 37 putts it took him to get it around. Either one of these problems happens by itself, it’s just another round in the low 80’s for Daly, one of dozens he has garnered throughout his career. Both together? Boom, 90.

I’m just surprised it’s taken him this long.

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